Born in the The Netherlands in 1969 from Dutch, German and Indonesian descent.

I remember being passionate about photography since I got my first disposable camera as a child at age nine and quickly upgraded to a good old second hand Praktica TL-1000 (with 50mm lens) of East German make. At age twelve my father taught me how to process and print my own black and white film. Around my fourteenth birthday, I got my first wide-angle, tele-lens and flashkit.

History however was to decide differently on my photographic aspirations. After a shortlived academic career I got caught by the vortex of the upcoming information technology and became a IT professional who turned independent in ’97 being part of a small consultancy startup offering specialized technical solutions. It’s customer portfolio to date includes acclaimed international banks, governmental agencies and multinationals.

When I’m not photographing people, architecture or scenery I am a movie afficianado. I swim, sail, travel and love to cook with a passion. I like to live, to laugh and to love. I listen to a wide variety of music, find relaxation in a good online game session with friends and can be found to read the occasional book and tinkering around on a website or two.

net zoiets als zinloos geweld maar dan anders